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Privacy Policy


When you register or enter information on our site, we collect your personal information so that we can provide you with the services you request.

From time to time, we may use your details to contact you by mail or email to advise you about new products, special offers or changes to our site.
We will always provide an opt-out option so you can let us know if you would prefer not to receive this material.
You can also unsubscribe from our email newsletters at any time at the "Newsletter Unsubscribe" link in our information box.

We use e-path secure credit card processing, which provides the most secure system for card payments on the net. You can read about their security processes and policy here.....
Light Up My Life and Epath do not store credit card details in any form what-so-ever.

We will never divulge, provide or sell your private details to any other company, business, group or orgnisation.

If you have concerns about how Light Up My Life uses your details please contact us at....
Light Up My Life
P.O. Box 785
Archerfield BC QLD 4108