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JANDS STAGE CL (Designed to control LED lights)

JANDS STAGE CL (Designed to control LED lights)

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The Stage CL literally is made for LEDs. Jands realised that there were lots of people out there using LED lights who were only getting a fraction of the power and flexibility these lights offer.

The Stage CL gives you all the manual controls and automation you need to get the most out of your LEDs. Best of all, it’s so easy to use you don’t need to be a lighting expert to run it.


AV Services
If you supply AV equipment for conferences and functions in hotels and corporates you’ll know that speed, simplicity and ease of use are essential. Stage CL’s simple controls make it easy to operate shows on-the-fly, and lets you save and recall your favorite looks at the push of a button.

Retail spaces are embracing LED fixtures because of the huge power savings they offer. The Stage CL gives you many more options than just the simple Red, Green, Blue, enabling you to create a vibrant, welcoming shopping atmosphere with endless possibilities.

Houses of Worship
Your volunteers want to get the most out of the lights they have, without having to learn complex technology or remember how to use it. Thanks to Stage CL’s simple intuitive interface and individual channel controls, running lighting is not only easy, it’s also rewarding and fun.

Weddings, Party and Event Rental
Stage CL is a compact, cost-effective control solution that’s perfect for companies specialising in rental. You can pre-program your consoles with standard looks and special effects suitable for any occasion, and the console is so easy to use, just about anyone can operate it.

Clubs, Pubs and Bars
LED colour mixing fixtures are inexpensive to buy and maintain so they are ideal for venues. Whether you’re hosting bands, comedians, dancers or theatre groups, Jands Stage CL is the perfect controller for these fixtures, even if the ‘lighting guy’ is the girl collecting the empty glasses.

Karaoke Bars
For many people, karaoke is the only way to get on stage and perform ‘under lights’. With LEDs controlled by a Stage CL you can create the sense of being in a real show, store multiple scenes and sound-activated chase sequences, and even let your customers control their own lighting. ,


Each of the twelve channels has a Saturation encoder and a Hue encoder that you can adjust to set the colour you want. As you turn the dials, a LED on the channel shows the colour you‘re creating. This is so intuitive that even someone with no experience of lighting can grasp it immediately. And of course, each channel has the traditional fader and flash button to set the intensity of the light.

You can group any number of channels together and use just one set of pots to set the colour for all of them. There‘s a selection of colour presets to choose from, and you can switch between full and half saturation, both at the click of a single button.

As well as giving you total manual control, the Stage CL‘s easy to use store features enable you to create sophisticated shows quickly and easily.

To record a sequence, simply press the Record button, adjust your lights, then press one of the Scene, Chase or Cuelist buttons to store it. To play it back, just tap the button where you stored it. You can adjust the playback speed and chase rate manually with the fade time and chase speed controls. To set up a chase, you can save each step or create a pattern and the Stage CL will automatically build the chase to run across the lights you‘ve chosen. You can save multiple cues and organise them however you like using the touch screen, then back them up to a memory stick or portable drive through the USB ports on the back panel.

Tap the Snapshot button to save the look you have on stage. The Stage CL holds that look while you adjust any of the other controls to create your next look, then fades into it when you tap the button again.

You can do just about everything without needing the screen, but when you want to get into detail, the Stage CL touch-screen display provides an easy to use interface. Here you can patch your lights, monitor playback, edit scenes, chases & cues, adjust fade times, apply preset colours and set up the console preferences.

The Stage CL has high-quality 60mm faders, push-button encoders, responsive tactile buttons and multi-colour LED indicators, all packaged in a smooth and compact chassis that you can carry in one hand.

With the Stage CL you can control up to 512 DMX channels, connecting either through the DMX-512 output or the Ethernet output (if your lights support Art-net).

The Stage CL literally is made for LEDs giving you all the manual controls and automation you need to get the most out of your LEDs. Best of all, it‘s so easy to use you don‘t need to know anything about lighting.

Specifications :
•Power Supply : 12VDC +/-10% 2A
•Power Consumption : 24W max
•Graphics Display : 4.3 inch (480 x 272) TFT
•DMX512 : 5 pin AXR
•Ethernet : 100Mbit RJ45
•USB : Two Type A High Speed
•VESA Mount : 100mm x 100mm
•Dimensions (w d h) : 520mm x 300mm x 70mm
•Weight : 4.5kg

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